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6FT Dog Leash with Handle Retractable, Anti-Lost Pet Leash

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1. Safety: When you take your puppy or cat out, there may be some places where the dog will not be allowed in. At this time, you can detain them outside the door so that they will not run away.
2. Convenience: When we are going out, we can also quickly tie a dog or cat to a certain position in the house. No matter your pet is large, medium or small, it is very suitable. Our dog leash can be used by both cats and dogs.
3. Release your hands: When you and your pet go out, you no longer need to hold the chain for a long time, just buckle it on your arm, you can release your hands and do whatever you want, such as taking pictures, carry a bag and so on.
4. Widely use: The dog leash for running hands free, and when you need to shop, you can tie it outside the store. We can tie it to the bicycle when riding, tie it to the pillow of the seat in the car, and it's convenient to tie the dog at home.



Color White/Yellow/Black
Material Polyester Nylon
Adjustable rope length 37.4-63in/95-160cm
Length of the handle 3.8in/9.7cm
Diameter of the handle 1.3in/3.3cm
Wrist band length 4.25in/10.8cm
For Pet Under 66lbs/30kg


Package included:
1 x Hands Free Pet Leash