Why You Need Pet Insurance

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by Adopt a Pet June 1, 2023

Is pet insurance necessary? Any pet parent who’s taken a surprise trip to the emergency room and found themselves staring at a bill ending in one too many zeros know the answer is yes, your pet needs coverage. Pet insurance from Nationwide is the smart way to ensure your newest family member gets the best care without worrying about the cost. Here’s everything you need to know for when your dog or cat needs more than snuggles.


Why You Need It

  1. Accidents happen. You’ve got a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of love covered. But the truth is, no matter how proactive you are about your pet’s well-being, life happens. Your dog could tear their ACL at the dog park. Your cat could chew on those Valentine’s Day flowers. Or worse, your newest friend could be diagnosed with cancer.

    • One in three pets will need urgent vet care this year.

    • Every six seconds, a pet owner faces a vet bill of more than $1,000.

  2. To get ahead of pre-existing conditions. Your dog or cat’s genetics are also something to consider. Many breeds (especially purebreds) are predisposed to hereditary health conditions that you may want to get ahead of. Pre-existing conditions typically aren’t covered by any pet insurer. Enroll your newest family member when they’re young and healthy now to help ensure maximum lifelong coverage.

  3. You deserve the chance to make the best health decisions for your pet. Veterinary care has never been better or more accessible. But all great care comes with a cost. Some common issues your pet may face that can cost thousands to treat:

    • Hip Dysplasia: $4,000 – $6,000

    • Stomach Issues: $200 – $5,000

    • Torn Ligament: $3,000 – $6,000

    • Cancer: $5,000 – $20,000

    • Broken Bone: $200 – $5,000

    No one wants to be in the position of making an important decision about their pet’s care based solely on cost. When the unexpected happens, you shouldn’t have to hesitate to make the right call for your friend. Enrolling in a pet insurance plan will ensure that your pet will get the treatment they need based on what their veterinarian recommends, without you having to tap into savings or risk going into debt.

  4. To keep your family together. It’s heartbreaking that dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters because their parents are unable to afford care costs. Insuring your newest family member means that when you receive an estimate for your pet’s critical care, you can address it right away and keep them with you.

  5. To invest in your peace of mind. Some people are fortunate in that they have the resources or the willingness to go into debt for their pet’s care if necessary. They are, in effect, opting for self-insurance. Others (who may want to sleep better at night) prefer paying a monthly pet insurance premium in the hope that it will cover expensive vet bills down the road.

How It Works

With Nationwide, using your pet insurance policy is easy.

  1. Choose the right plan. There are two basic categories of veterinary care.

    • Medical includes illness, injuries, chronic conditions, surgeries, and hospitalizations.

    • Wellness includes exams and tests, preventative care, and vaccinations.

    • All nationwide plans allow you to visit any vet – including specialists and emergency providers – so your pets can get the best care.

  2. Know what’s covered. Different pet insurance providers will cover some treatments but not others. Nationwide offers pet insurance plans that cover more than any other pet insurance provider, including:

    • Accidents and injuries

    • Common illnesses

    • Serious illnesses

    • Chronic illnesses

    • Testing and diagnostics

    • Procedures

    • Holistic and alternative care

    • And more

    Remember, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by any pet insurer. Enroll pets when they’re young and healthy to ensure maximum coverage.

  3. Visit your vet. Using your Nationwide pet insurance plan is easy.

    • Visit any vet, anywhere

    • Send Nationwide your claim

    • Nationwide will reimburse you for eligible expenses once you’ve met your deductible.

    A deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket for a claim. At Nationwide, eligible expenses will qualify for reimbursement once your deductible is met.