Pet Protection & Lost Pet Services
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Don't have a microchip yet?

Start by speaking to a vet about microchipping your pet, so you can always keep tabs on them.  Implanting a small microchip under your pet's skin is a quick, painless procedure, and it could be the difference between lost or found.

Once you're done, register the microchip online 
or call us at 1-866-597-2424.

It's important to ensure that your contact details connected to the microchip are accurate and remain up-to-date at all times. If your pet is found, we'll need to know how and where to reach you.

When you register your microchip with 24PetWatch, you can update your contact information anytime via our online microchip portal. And if you’ve purchased a Lifetime Protection Membership™️, you can give us a call at 1-866-375-7387 to update your information at any time, while enjoying all the benefits of a membership.

Why Microchip?

It’s the only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet.

How to microchip your pet

Start by visiting a shelter or vet clinic. Most vet clinics can perform the procedure while your pet is awake or under general anesthetic, and usually try to complete it during another routine procedure such as spaying or neutering. However, microchipping can also be done on its own and is not painful for your pet.

Many shelters will ensure that dogs and cats are microchipped prior to adoption. However, please confirm with the shelter directly to be sure.